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Emmi®-Air ionic air purifier

Emmi®-Air ionic air purifier

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Emmi®-Air Ion Air Purifier
350 QP
Refresh and clean the air

Ions can have a direct influence on our well-being.

After a cleansing thunderstorm, the air seems refreshing and pure. The reason are charged particles, in the air – the ions. Exactly these particles contribute to the fact that we feel the air as particularly refreshing after such an occurrence. Breathing in the clear air increases our well-being, we feel active and powerful.

The Emmi®-Air Ion Air Purifier has a cleansing effect: The ambient air is absorbed and the odours are neutralised. Ion-cleaned and well-smelling air is discharged.

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Ions for well-being and clean air

The air in our rooms can contain a wide variety of pollutants. There are many reasons for this, such as dust, pollen, animal hair, viruses, bacteria, mould or harmful substances and much more. This can lead to health problems, especially for allergy sufferers. Regular ventilation often does not remedy the problem completely, and often can only be done partially at the workplace.

The Emmi®-Air Ion Air Purifier is the ideal solution for fresh air in the room.

Ions can have a direct influence on our well-being. Places where we feel powerful and active, such as on the coast or in the mountains, have higher concentrations of ions. After a cleansing thunderstorm, we also find the air clear, pure and activating.

The Emmi®-Air Ion Air Purifier can promote this feeling of freshness. Rotation eliminates dust, bacteria and odours from the ambient air. Ions in the room air can improve well-being. Ionized air can be better absorbed by the lungs, as the negative charge makes dust particles heavier and they sink to the ground. Therefore the Emmi®-Air Ion Air Purifier is also particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

The use of the Emmi®-Air Ion Air Purifier is particularly recommended for large city apartments. Especially in cities, the ion concentration in enclosed spaces is particularly low.
  • 1 emmi®-Air Ion Air Purifier
Technical data:
  • Dimensions: 220 x 220 x 260 mm
  • Weight: 1 Kg
  • Capacity: 1.5 l
  • Runtime: 1 - 9 hours
  • Input: DC 12 V / 9 W