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emmi-dent E2 Wave - Solo per emmi-dent Metallic

emmi-dent E2 Wave - Solo per emmi-dent Metallic

12,52 € *

emmi-dent E2 Wave - Per adulti

Testine ad Ultrasuoni per la pulizia dei denti 100% con Ultrasuoni originali. 
15 QP

La confezione include 2 pezzi. 

emmi-dent E2 Wave - Per un'efficace pulizia dei denti e uns perfetta igiene orale. 
Adatto a tutti modelli emmi-dent Metallic ed emmi-dent Professional.

* Tutti i prezzi escluse spese di spedizione

emmi-dent E2 Wave - For Adults 
Ultrasonic Attachment for improved dental hygiene using 100% Original Ultrasound.
15 QP 

The E2 Wave is a newly designed ultrasonic attachment that incorporates alternating rows of bristles of differing lengths: 9 mm and 7,5 mm. These fit more snuggly around the teeth and when used in combination with Original Ultrasound and emmi-dent's ultrasonic toothpastes, these provide an enhanced and more effective method of dental cleaning and oral hygiene.

This enables the effective removal of plaque, food remnants, discolouration of dental enamel and the impurities in-between teeth. 

An excellent development as a result of the cooperation and the engagement of Dr. med. dent. Andreas Borchert, Dental Advisor to the emmi ultrasonic.

It is important that you change the ultrasonic attachment after 3 months of use and no later. After this time, the ability of the attachment bristles to effectively transmit ultrasound waves will diminish and therefore optimum dental cleaning and oral hygiene can no longer be guaranteed.

Content: 2 Ultrasonic Attachments    

emmi-dent E2 Wave - Even better dental cleaning and oral hygiene.
Suitable for all emmi-dent Metallic Club and emmi-dent Professional devices.